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Prof.Francesco Martelli

Title achieved

1st level Master Course. 60 ECTS all over 5 Modules (topics)


Unique multidisciplinary path on bioenergy and renewables


12 months, including the Internship period


Mandatory at the end of the course


4000€ to be payed in 2 instalment


Download a presentation of the course (pdf)


Tel:(+39) 055 275 8776

Call and Deadlines

The call and Deadlines

The 2017/2018 Call and official information are available within the University of Florence Web site about Masters click here

The form, complete with the documents and annexes requested within Art. 8.3 of the call, should be delivered to the Segreteria Post-Laurea (Post Graduate Courses Secretariat) – Via G. Capponi, 9 – 50132 Firenze within December 22, 2017 - 13:00 h

Here below the main deadlines of the Master

January 22, 2018

Application deadline
Download the module
(rtf - pdf)
(+39) 055 275 8776

January 26, 2018

Motivational interview
Auletta Seminari DIEF
Via Santa Marta, 3
50139 Firenze

February 28, 2018

Starting lessons
450 hours until October 2018

April 2019

at the end of the internship

The Program


Course programme and syllabus developed through an Europe-United States university cooperation
Continuous Programme update from 2002 up to now


450 hours of front lesson all over 9 months
300 hours mandatory Internship


Thesis as a result of the Internship activities


The IMES Master aims to train the next generation of bioenergy project managers: a sound background on the whole bioenergy chain allows the master graduates to take full control on each step of the chain, from the production to the energy conversion, not omitting the complex legislation and economic issues.
Several disciplines are included in the education and training path: industrial engineering, agriculture and forestry, chemistry, biology, law, economics and statistics.
The Course is divided in 5 main modules (topics)

  • Biomass Production
  • Power Generation And System Analysis
  • Renewable Energy & Bioenergy Generation
  • Environment
  • Business Management and Economy

Download the detailed program (pdf)


Quality of Teaching is our first concern

A staff of University Professors and Researchers working together with Professionals from Industry and Research to give the Best quality in Education and Training

People whose everyday work is to face the multiple challenges of Bioenergy, RES and Environmental issues

Download a presentation of the teaching staff (pdf)

Centres and Departments involved


Renewable Energies Research Centre

Web Site


Department of Industrial engineering

Web Site


Department of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Systems

Web Site


Department of Agrifood Production and Environmental Sciences

Web Site


Department of Chemistry 'Ugo Schiff'

Web Site


Department of Biology

Web Site


Department of Economics and Management

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Department of Legal Sciences

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Several Industries and Institutions operating in the Biomass to Energy sector are hosting, or hosted in the past, Master students for the stage period.
It worths to point out TERA (ex GFE Energy Management), ECOFOX, Schmack Biogas Bolzano, ROPATEC Bolzano, Caviro, Centuria (Romagna Innovazione Tecnologia), Fondazione CRPA, Environment Park Torino, Polo Tecnologico per l'Energia di Trento, Italgest Energia S.p.A., DREAM Italia, Agriconsulting S.p.A., EUAbout (BE) e ETA Renewable Energies, and Agencies such as ATO 6 and ARPAT and Universities and Research Centres like Lund University, INETI Lisboa(PT), IFEU Heidelberg (D), Baylor and Arizona Universities (USA)
In some cases the stage has been the first step of a working collaboration prosecuted after the Master Degree

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