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CREAR Centro Interdipartimentale per le Energie Alternative e Rinnovabili

Presentation of the Centre

The CREAR has been established in 2005 by the University of Florence (Italy) as a structure dedicated to the coordination and the promotion of all the activities of the University and of other Florentine research institutes in the field of renewable energy.

The Centre merges different skills into a single body, creating the critical mass necessary to carry out the multidisciplinary activities needed in this sector. The members of the Centre already have on-going and past collaborations in the framework of EU supported R&D and dissemination projects in biomass,  renewable energy and poligeneration. The main areas of work are energy conversion and pre-treatment systems, biofuels, herbaceous and woody energy crops, wood energy, poligeneration by the use/development of small power plants running with fossil as well renewable fuels, energy saving in industry as well as in civil buildings.

The Centre takes advantages of a long experience in the area of CFD devoted to the Analysis, Design  & Optimisation of Gas Turbine devoted both to  Power generation as well as to propulsion.

last update: 09-Jan-2018
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